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Published: 24th November 2006
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Nowadays, everyone knows and hears a lot about shopping online. I am sure that most of teenagers to mid-thirty guys have experienced their online shopping. It is very easy starting from searching web sits, picking your stuffs, getting your card out, inputting order forms, and waiting for deliveries. That is it. It is even easier if you buy an e-book or software. You just pay and download it. Within seconds, your order will be right in front of you in your computer hard disk. You see now, how convenience it is at present? You see, how the world has changed since last 7-10 years. Because of these changes, someone, especially who is over mid-thirty year of age, cannot adjust himself to the present world. Well, do not get me wrong here. Many people still love the old way of shopping, which, of course, is still have some advantage over the online shopping. One obvious advantage is that you and physically chooses your stuff and buys it and takes it home right away, while shopping online, except for the e-book or software, you have to wait for a delivery for couple days to even couple weeks.

However, due to many difficulty issues on going out doing shopping, a lot of people begin to shop online more and more. That is a very good idea. I totally agree with it. While shopping online has few disadvantages as stated earlier, it has huge advantages over the offline shopping.

Lists below show advantages and disadvantages of the online and offline shopping.

Online Shopping


1. Do not have to spend time to travel, find a parking space, etc,

2. Open 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week),

3. If the shopper carefully buys merchandise, sometime it is safer than the offline shopping,

4. Get more discounts,

5. Quick price comparison, etc.


1. Cannot see real merchandise,

2. Have to wait for a delivery,

3. Possible to be cheated by web site owner, if the shopper does not careful enough, etc.

Offline Shopping


1. Physically see and choose by yourself,

2. Able to do a physical bargaining,

3. Able to take merchandise home right away, etc.


1. Loose a lot of time to travel, find a parking space, etc,

2. Have exact operating hours,

3. Sometime merchandise is out of stock, etc.

You have seen briefly advantages and disadvantages of both the online and offline shopping already. Now is your choice to choose whether to go with which one. Anyway, if you want to try the online one, and you are still new, you MUST learn some tactic to avoid online thefts. Do not too scare because if you know how to protect yourself, online world can be safer than the offline world, as long as you do not under estimate your opponent.

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